Our Services


We have printed literally millions of stickers over the past 30 years and we regard our expertise and ability to be second to none in the industry.  Our constant investment in technology has meant that we are able to print any design, in any size, in any shape and in any quantity by using screen process or digital print – whichever is the most cost effective and applicable to your job.



We are happy to print and supply a single banner or a thousand banners and we treat every project with equal care and diligence.  From railing banners through to pull-up banners cassettes and lamp column banners, we are happy to look at any project and help you achieve the desired result.


Lamp Column Banner Systems

Our customers value the fact that we are able to offer not just the banners but also the lamp column system to fit them! We supply proven systems with market-leading wind spill factors, plus we offer a nationwide installation service – just let us know what you have in mind and we will help you put together a complete package that is tried and tested.


Rigid Materials

Frequently utilized by many of our customers, this service has been essential to the success of many projects.  From perspex and MDF through to timber and plastics, we have printed on to all these and more!  Click the button for more information or call us to discuss your requirements.


Feather Flags

These ‘feathers’ are perfect for bringing an ambience to outdoor festivals and events or to promote your business at an exhibition – all at a low cost.



Brushwood Design started business 20 years ago printing T-shirts in a tin shed and although our business has expanded into many other print fields we have always been able to provide our customers with quality and cost-effective personalisation of clothes and other items.

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