Rigid Materials


Rigid Materials

We can print onto a huge range of rigid materials either by screen or digital process in tough durable inks that have high UV/anti-fade properties for both internal and external applications.  Whatever your requirement we will have the right materials for the job and we can cut to any size or shape.

Specialist Rigid Materials:  Although specialist in their application we keep these materials as a stock item so please call us if you require further information or technical data sheets.

Rigid Foam PVC:

Microcellular expanded PVC foam is available in thicknesses from 1 to 19mm in white and in colours and gloss in 3 and 5mm. A co-extruded, recycled grade is stocked in 3, 5 and 10mm. These products are tough, light and durable for exterior use and are used for signs, displays and toys – we print one ton of this a week!

Rigid PVC:
Available in Clear and White, Gloss and Matt, Calendared Rigid PVC is stocked in thicknesses from 150 to 900 microns. It is most commonly used for printed tags displays and interior signage.

Mark Resistant Rigid PVC:
Tough, matt textured transparent, rigid films in 150, 225 and 400 microns designed to prevent scratches and finger marks showing in use.  An economic alternative to Polycarbonate film for under surface printed panels, labels and signs where high wear resistance and prolonged exterior use are not so important.

A range of films from 125 to 500 microns and sheets up to 10mm, Polycarbonate has excellent strength, hardness and clarity. Available in Matt, Velvet and Gloss finishes, Polycarbonate film can be cut and creased and is recommended for under surface printed panels, labels and signs.

Most commonly supplied as a self adhesive thin film of 20 microns. It is very stable and more resistant to higher temperatures and chemical attack and age shrinkage. It is available in Clear, Chrome and Gold. Typical end uses are for labels on flat or simple curved surfaces such as windows, consumer goods and machines.  

Available in a range of textures and gloss, print grade Polypropylene is a tough, semi rigid plastic which can be die cut and creased for the production of binders, folders, tags and displays.

Fluted Polypropylene:
Extruded in a range of thicknesses from 3 to 10mm, Fluted PP as light weight, rigid, tough and inexpensive. It is easily printed, die cut and creased and is most commonly used for Estate Agents boards, Sports Ground signage and displays. Colours are available in 4mm.

Display Board:
Laminated 2 sided white board with clay coated surfaces fort screen printing. Display Board is stocked in thicknesses from 1 to 2.5mm and, being a multi ply laminated board, is very rigid. It is most usually printed and guillotined or die cut to make showcards and displays.

Foam Board:
Extruded Polystyrene or Polyurethane foam, laminated both sides with liners to produce extremely light weight high bulk boards in thicknesses of 3, 5 and 10mm.. The most commonly used version has PS foam with clay coated paper liners and is typically used for screen printed showcards, hanging cards and displays. Other grades with PU foam cores are available in a range of facings for more demanding applications such as exhibition panels and exterior use.

General Rigid Materials
Examples of what we screen print on a regular basis include the following:

Wooden Panels:

Medium Density Fibreboard: We print a huge amount of this material which provides a good flat print surface, we can provide panels cut to shape using our CNC routing service or print free issue materials.  The marrying up of 2 services (print and CNC) opened up a brand new business opportunity for Brushwood Design and we now have a subsidiary company called  Brushwood Toys which specialises in the manufacture of high quality wooden toys – please follow link to www.brushwoodtoys.co.uk and think about what this could do for your business.

Hardwoods: More often used for quality signage applications but we have also printed cricket bats amongst other unusual products.

Softwoods: Planked, sheeted or planed square edged with examples including bespoke exhibition units, and shop display stands and point of sale.
[insert pic of brushwood toys display stand – image to come]

Plywoods: Standard or marine quality, we can print and seal with a varnish if required.


Stainless steel: We can print directly onto bare stainless or powder-coated panels in aggressive inks that can withstand high temperatures and humidity etc. We make jigs to fit any shape of finished or near-finished products to ensure excellent print registration every time.

Aluminium: From name plates to control panels, this material has many uses and we have a print process to compliment each and every one.  The finished item can also be supplied cut to shape so please call us with your specific requirements.

Prices and further information: Contact us by email, telephone or fax for immediate assistance by a member of our sales team regarding prices and additional information on any of the above products and services. Our working practice is to get the quote to you within 4 hours on stock items but allow a little longer for bespoke enquiries. We start work at 7.00am and often finish at 8.00pm so call us when it is convenient for you or email for an equally quick response.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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