Feather Flags


Feather Flags

These ‘feathers’ are perfect for bringing an ambience to outdoor festivals and events or to promote your business at an exhibition – all at a low cost.  Easily transportable in a zipped carrying bag and quick to install.  The flags are made of knitted polyester and digitally printed by us in full colour.


  1. Strong, bright aluminium, click together construction with flexible glass fibre top.

  2. Pole thickness - 30mm diameter.

  3. Length of flexible glass fibre rod 1220mm.

  4. Overall length of pole 5730mm

  5. Pole is fixed into ‘vario’ drill that is easily screwed into the ground.

  6. Pole is either 3 or 4 parts and easily put together.

  7. Two pole sizes available: 5.15metre and 4.15metre.

  8. Two flag sizes available: 3.3 and 4.4metre.  Both 850mm wide.

  9. Height of flag from ground 750mm approx.

  10. Flags digitally printed singled sided (mirror image) on 110gsm knitted polyester flag material.

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